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Chris W

Author: Gracefully Green Cleaning |

After only a few appointments with Gracefully Green was there clear evidence of their highly skilled and meticulous capacity to conduct quality housekeeping.

While this company is small and privately owned, the staff are experienced, knowledgeable, but also kind and personable. Even with scheduling, this company is accommodating and flexible.

I personally have more than a decade of professional experience in the hospitality and service industries, an experience that has consistently maintained a high standard for crucial aspects of the business like "good housekeeping". The crew at Gracefully Clean continue to impress me with their equally high standard for cleanliness of a home and respect for its arrangement.

I would not have the amount of time and opportunity to focus on my life and my work if it were not for the diligent attention of Gracefully Green Cleaning. I highly recommend this service to anyone in the Burlington, VT area.

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