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Ten Questions To Ask A Cleaning Company

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Cleaning services have numerous advantages like consistent hygiene, an attractive home, or a professional-looking workplace. While cleaning services are almost always welcomed, it is essential to do your research into the cleaning company you have in mind to ensure they deliver the results they promise.

However, suppose you’ve never availed of cleaning services before. In that case, it is understandable if you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the right cleaning company to suit your specific needs and limitations. To make the whole process more comfortable for you, we’ve outlined ten valuable questions to ask a potential cleaning service provider.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to help you understand if this cleaning firm is the right fit for you and capable of providing you with adequate and consistent cleaning service, at the right price and with the right options.

1. What cleaning services do you offer?
Depending on the cleaning task you need to be done, it is wise to inquire with the cleaning company to determine if they provide the service. For example, deep cleaning services like washing the outside of cabinets, baseboards, door frames, doors, and the inside of cabinets are services not offered by everyone. Asking the cleaning company you have in mind for a list of services they provide helps familiarize you with the cleaning solutions. 

2. Are you insured?
No matter how careful, accidents do happen. However, if the cleaning company that caused the damage is insured, the expenditure to fix the issue will be covered by the insurance company. Ensuring the cleaning company you hire is bonded is a smart, precautionary step that safeguards your property and interests and should not be overlooked. 

3. What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?
Cleaning companies are generally pressed for time. They have pre-set schedules that are hard to modify and cost the company when changed at the last minute. For these reasons, cleaning businesses charge cancellation or rescheduling fees and have a time frame in which they expect you to notify them of desired changes. It is a good idea to ask questions about any exceptions to rescheduling and cancellation policies, as well as about the penalties they incur. 

4. Are you ok with pets?
Pets tend to, at times, complicate the cleaning process and also make some cleaning personnel nervous. Some cleaning companies outright refuse to take on a space that has pets present. Asking the cleaning company what their policy is on pets, and details like whether they have to be contained during the cleaning, are wise for you as a pet owner and useful for the cleaning company as they know what they are getting into.

5. How do you set rates for your services?
Some cleaning companies offer rates for their services based on the time taken to complete the task. Others calculate their prices based on the task at hand or the area’s size that needs cleaning. Asking the service provider on what basis they set their cleaning rates is essential as this gives you an understanding of how to structure your cleaning to get maximum out of the service. 

6. Do you offer eco-friendly cleaning products?
With climate change being what it is and pollutants contaminating our waterways and lakes, green, environmentally friendly cleaning products are preferred by many individuals and households. Environmentally safe products also have the advantage of being non-toxic to the house’s occupants, ensuring you stay healthy. Ask your cleaning company if they provide and utilize eco-friendly products as they go a long way in the fight against pollution.

7. What do you do if the customer isn’t satisfied?
Asking the cleaning service provider about what happens if you are not satisfied with the service is wise. A cleaning company that provides a satisfaction guarantee will be way more likely to continually maintain a high quality of service and not cause you disappointment. At Gracefully Green Cleaning, if unsatisfied, you can call within 24 hours after your cleaning is complete, and I will clean what you ask free of charge.

8. Do you bring your equipment and supplies?
Depending on the cleaning task in question, various equipment and supplies are necessary. Making it a point to ask the cleaning company if you, as a customer, must provide the cleaning supplies and equipment, or they will bring all that is needed, is a must. For example, if carpet cleaning is one of the tasks that need to be done, will they get a rug doctor or similar carpet cleaning devices, or will you be expected to provide one?

9. How do you accept payments?
In today’s world of multiple payment methods like cash, checks and Paypal, along with newer phone-to-phone methods like Venmo, it is wise to ask what forms of payment the cleaning company excepts. The current covid pandemic and social distancing have made non-contact payment an expected precautionary measure.  

10. Who are your cleaning staff? 
Cleaning is a rather personal chore that requires you to have confidence in the ability and integrity of the individual or company you choose. Be it your office or home that needs cleaning, wanting to know who is entering your space to do the task is understandable. At Gracefully Green Cleaning, I have just one staff, Joanne also the companies founder, and depending on availability, one or both will be happy to serve you.

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company in Burlington, Vermont, reach out to us at Gracefully Green Cleaning. Our main goal is to provide a reliable, consistent and excellent cleaning service with the highest customer service level. I pride myself on our positive, efficient, and thorough cleaning service. I provide Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services to clients across Burlington, Essex Junction, Williston, Winooski, South Burlington, Shelburne, Colchester and the surrounding areas.

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